It’s Over. The Babcock Circus is Over…..For Now

Welp guys, the unthinkable happened. For two years, now, the Toronto media has guaranteed that Babcock would coach the Maple Leafs when his contract with Detroit was over. Aaaaaaaaand here we all are….

Babcock to Toronto 1(7) Twitter 2015-05-20 13-10-10

TSN confirms that Mike Babcock is the new head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I wonder how mu…

Babcock to Toronto 2(10) Twitter 2015-05-20 13-11-24

WOAH. 50 million over 8 years. Around 8 million a season. That blows the next highest paid coach out of the water by SIX (6) million dollars. I don’t understand! This is an initial reaction post and I’ll post my full thoughts later. But OH MAN. See ya, Mike. Good Luck!

Edit: The 8 million a season is for the first half of his contract. It’ll be reduced after that.



That was all caps but I promise I wasn’t yell….ok I was totally yelling.


Anyway. Here’s a quick update from Dreger on what’s going on with Mike Babcock’s coaching situation.

(16) Twitter 2015-05-20 10-18-59

So Mike is just sitting back with the Wings’ final offer while Toronto and Buffalo punch each other in the face. SWEET!

Whatever happens here, I’m pretty confident that Mike won’t be back in the Motor City next year.

What is going on with Mike Babcock?

Well, that’s a bit of a loaded question and I kind of feel like an ass writing this two days after his father passed away and the day of his father’s funeral. BUT! I’ve had a lot of thoughts about the “best coach in the NHL” which were further exacerbated by the hilarity that was the game last night. So we’ll dive right in and discuss my thoughts on Mr. Babcock

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It’s Bigger Than Any One of Us

The kid is just so fun to watch

The kid is just so fun to watch

There are moments all throughout sports that really bring us sports fans together as a community. Whether its a spectacular play that fans of both sides can do nothing but admire or simply a conversation between two sports fans that make you realize that we are a community. One thing that I’ve always held to, and it’s the cool thing about sports, is it’s bigger than just my team or my favorite player or my favorite moment. Nothing else in the world can bridge a cultural/political/economic gap quite like sports can. In  the 2012 Olympics North Korea and South Korea played each other in Ping Pong (withhold laughter, please) and shook hands after the match. Something you wouldn’t see normally, they did out of respect for the game. You see national teams in soccer play one another despite political tension between the countries and these matches can be used as a bridge of sorts. During World War I, on Christmas Day, Allied and German soldiers put aside their differences and their weapons to play soccer and laugh and drink together. While the next thing I will mention may seem to pale in comparison to the above, it’s no less important to the individuals involved. On Saturday night, Tomas Tatar scored the eventual game winning goal during the third period against the LA Kings. It was a goal like so many other of his very important goals this year; it came at a critical time and he just seemed to be at the right place at the right time. Immediately, though, you knew this goal was different.

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You May Find This Post……Offensive

Ok, I’m SO sorry for that title. You can see the cheese all over it. Which isn’t always a bad thing. I love cheese, all kinds of cheese. It’s delicious. Mmmmmmmmmm…. Oh, sorry again. Ok, hockey, Detroit Red Wings. I’m gonna take a little bit here and tackle the offense that this fantastic team will be icing while my lesser half gets into the defense and goaltending. Maybe you’ll learn something, but probably not. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel a sense of belonging and a real emotional attachment and then at the end you get free ice cream. YAY!

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